What to Do When Your Deadbolt is Stuck in Locked Position?

A deadbolt lock is the preferred locking system in most households, as it’s more durable than a regular door lock or latch. However, durable as they may be, deadbolt locks can also malfunction. One of the most common faults with deadbolt locks that can occur over time is getting stuck in a locked position.

Deadbolts can get stuck for a number of reasons. It might get jammed in the strike plate if the key isn’t aligned accurately. There could also be a mechanical error with the parts within the lock which may be causing the jam. Whatever the source, a stuck deadbolt can be fixed in a number of ways:

Grease It Up

Start with lubricating the lock. Use a graphite spray to grease the key passage, insert your key again and twist it around. This would do the trick if the jam is caused due to rust or corrosion.

Tap On It

Sometimes the lock is stuck because the parts inside it have disengaged. Take a small hammer to the body surrounding the keyhole. Twist the key back and forth as you tap on the lock with your hammer. This might take a while as it’ll take the parts time to fall back into place and work to open the lock.

Unscrew It

You might need to detach the lock from the door’s surface completely. Unscrew the bolts on the sides of the lock. If the lock is screwed in tight, tap on it multiple times with the back of a screwdriver. This will loosen the screws and they’ll come out easier.

Once it’s come off the door surface, examine the inner deadbolt rod to find out if it’s properly lined up with the slot inside the lock. Place the rod in its allotted area and slide it back. Screw the lock back in place and try unlocking it again.

Test It

Hopefully, by this point your stuck deadbolt has been unlocked. Don’t rush to close the door though. Test it out while the door is still open. Lock and unlock the deadbolt a few times to see if it’s back to working properly. If the problem still persists, file down the inner strike plate with a metal file to loosen it up a little.  This will make the deadbolt slide back into its slot more seamlessly than before.

However, once a deadbolt starts malfunctioning it’s a sign that it needs replacement. You can fix it today but it might get stuck again, so it’s better to get it replaced or repaired by a reliable locksmith.

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