The Difference Between Laser Cut Keys And Regular Keys

Laser cut keys sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they really exist. They aren’t as common as other type of keys, as they were mainly developed in the 1990’s and are used in higher end car models.

Whether your car has laser cut keys or regular keys, it makes a big difference on how you approach key replacement.

To learn more about their differences, let’s look at them in detail:

Laser Cut Keys

Laser cut keys, also referred to as sidewinder keys or internal keys, and have a very unique look because of their mechanically cuts. They do not have notches cut from the side, but have a groove cut right in the middle, which also makes them sturdier and thicker. The slits are tooled on both sides of the key, which allows them to be inserted into the lock from either direction.

Regular Keys

Regular keys, or traditional keys, are usually made with a key cutting machine. These key cutting machines are easily available at any hardware store, this makes duplicating them really easy. Regular keys only have metal cuts on one side, which is why they can only be inserted into the lock from one direction.

Benefits of using laser cut keys

There are various benefits of using laser cut keys over regular keys:

Locks are Harder to Pick

Car locks that have regular locks are easy to pick, making the car vulnerable to theft. However, locks that open with laser cut keys have many different aspects to them and are extremely difficult to pick. This adds an extra layer of security for the car.

Difficult to Duplicate

While key cutting machines are easily available everywhere, not everyone has laser cutting equipment. Not only is the laser cutting equipment expensive, it is not easily available in the market.  This makes cars with laser cut keys inaccessible for most car thieves.

All Keys are Unique

One problem with regular keys is that cars with similar models and makes have extremely similar keys. This enables one car owner to unlock other similar cars with their own keys. However, that is not possible with laser cut keys, as each key is unique.

Keys with Transponders

Laser cut keys have a transponder in them, which is specifically designed for one vehicle only. Without this transponder, it is not possible to the start the ignition even if the key is able to unlock the door lock. This makes it even more difficult to duplicate laser cut keys.

However, you don’t need to worry if you ever lose your laser cut keys or are locked out of your car. We are one of the leading automobile locksmith services in Covington, GA, and provide unlocking and duplication of all types of car keys, including laser cut keys.

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