Rekeying Vs New Locks—What Does Your Home Need?

If you recently had a break-in, had a tenant move out or moved into a new home, then you probably are thinking about changing your locks. This is an important safety measure and will give you the much-needed peace of mind about your home’s security.

However, many homeowners aren’t aware that they also have the option of rekeying their locks, which is quite an affordable option and achieves almost the same result.

What is Rekeying?

Getting the locks changed simply means having old locks replaced with the news ones altogether. Rekeying on the other hand means to change the working of the lock to another key. In simple terms, you will have the same locks, but your old keys will no longer be able to unlock them.

Rekeying is done by replacing some parts of the lock, known as key pins or tumblers.  Every tumbler in the lock responds to a specific cut of the key. So when these tumblers are changed, the key won’t work anymore. This is a complicated procedure and requires the lock to be taken apart. Nevertheless, it is much more affordable than having the locks replaced.

However, price should not be the only factor when deciding whether to go with rekeying or new locks.

Here are some other factors that you need to consider when deciding between the two options:

How satisfied are you with your current locks?

If you feel that you are satisfied with your current locks and there seems to be nothing wrong with them, it is a waste of money to have them replaced. You should definitely opt for rekeying in order to implement an effective master key system in your home and add an extra layer of security.

Why do you want your locks replaced?

Another important thing to consider is why you want to have your locks replaced in the first place. If you recently had a tenant or a roommate move out, or if you have lost a spare key, then there is absolutely no reason to have your locks replaced. A simple rekeying is enough.

However, if your locks have been tampered with or there has been a break in, then you must have your locks replaced. This is because your old locks are probably damaged and will not be able to provide you with adequate security even after repair and rekeying.

Do you need a lock upgrade?

Locks are not meant to last forever. It doesn’t really matter which brand of locks you have or how strict security they provide, they have to be replaced eventually.

If your locks are quiet old, it is better to have them replaced. You can also consult your locksmith to find out whether you really need to upgrade your locks or your current ones are working effectively.

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  • Lock replacement
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