Reasons Why You Should Update Your Automobile Security

As the world is becoming more technologically advanced, automobile security systems need an upgrade as well. It’s possible that your automobile security is up-to-date with modern technology, but on the off chance it isn’t, here’s a list of signs that indicate if you should upgrade it:

Faulty Car Door Lock Cylinder

It’s the most common type of car door lock which is just like any other typical metal lock cylinder which can be unlocked when the designated key is inserted in. A faulty car door lock cylinder is a major sign that you need a security upgrade for your automobile. Car door lock cylinder malfunction can be indicated by decreased functionality of the lock and refusing to unlock with the designated key.

Rise in Automobile Theft

Although crime across the US has decreased in the last 20 years, according to experts, property and larceny theft is still a major concern in many states. This includes automobile robbery and theft. For instance, in Georgia, property crime is ranked at an astounding 49.6 whereas the US average is 38.1 (on a scale of 1 to 100). Therefore, if you’re a resident of one of the least secure states of America, it’s wise to upgrade your automobile security systems to ensure maximum safety.

Not a Key Keeper?

Not everyone’s a keeper, especially when it comes to safekeeping keys. If you keep losing your car keys in random places and can’t keep a handle on them, it’s time you upgrade your automobile security system. Invest in keyless entry remotes and rid yourself from the daily responsibility of always carrying a key around. Keyless entry remotes are also useful in improving your overall automobile security, as you can operate the system remotely and it key duplication becomes difficult.

Your Alarm System is Snoozed

Another indication that you need to upgrade your automobile security is that you don’t have a car alarm or worse, your alarm system has worn off. A run down alarm system is more dangerous than no alarm system because it gives you a false sense of security. Most common reason of a deteriorating alarm system is low power or battery run down. Contact your local automobile locksmith to fix the snooze before tragedy befalls you.

With constant innovations in automobile security technology, your automobile is more secure than ever. However, you will have to keep upgrading your security system to ensure safety. From smart locks to GPS tracking, there’s so much on the market that can keep your car safe. Consult a reliable automobile locksmith stay updated on all these advancements and upgrade your system accordingly.

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