Locked Out? 4 Ways to Get Back In

Reaching your home dead-tired and realizing you forgot your keys inside, is the worst nightmare, especially if you don’t keep a spare key at hand. At this moment, the only wish you have is to get inside by any means. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could get in without smashing the door?

People are getting more forgetful now more than ever; therefore, it’s inevitable to avoid situations like lockouts. But breaking the door isn’t an option each time you’re stuck outside. A door replacement can cost you somewhere around a thousand dollars. So what other options do you have?

Have a look at some quick and easy tips to unlock a door without causing considerable damage to your property.

Try Picking the Lock:

Picking a lock with a bobby pin or a paperclip is commonly seen in movies. Luckily, it can be done in real-life as well to open a simple door lock. This might take some time, but the result will be fruitful. If you have two bobby pins, stick one of it in the keyhole to turn the cylinder. Place the other one on the fulcrum end and bend it. Once the cylinder rotates, you’ve found your way in.

Every key has a unique shape to push the spring-loaded pins. Your goal is to mimic the functionality of a key through the pins or paperclips.

Swipe your Credit Card:

When unlocking a door, the target is to push the bolt by any means. This can be done using a credit card. It’s something that most of us carry at all times. A card usually works on latch bolts. All you need to do is pop the angled edge of the bolt by pushing it with your card. You’ll need to use a firm grip and put some pressure on the knob to open the door.

Drill Your Way In:

If nothing works, and you’re able to get your hands on a drill machine (maybe from a neighbor); try to drill doorknob. This might seem an extreme method, but it’s better than smashing the door altogether. You can get your lock replaced or repaired by a locksmith later on. This will also cost you less than a door replacement.

Simply drill the lock tumblers to destroy the pins. This will allow the knob to move freely. Don’t forget to find the right drill to decrease the extent of the damage.

Call an Emergency Locksmith:

One of the most effective methods to handle lockouts is calling a residential locksmith. This isn’t only convenient but also saves your time and money. A professional locksmith is trained to take care of complicated locks and will do the job without causing any unnecessary damage.

If you want to avoid drilling or breaking your door, contact a reliable locksmith service in Covington, GA. Stevens Lock & Key LLC provides licensed and insured locksmiths to aid its customers. Call us at 404-281-3140, and our professionals will reach you in no time.

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