Lock Picking & Duplicate Keys: Some of the Common Myths about Door Locks

From smart locks failing to work during power failure to traditional locks being easier to pick with just a paper clip, there are just so many myths about door locks.

Take a look as we debunk some of these most common door myths for you!

Locking Picking Isn’t Time Consuming

Whether you’re a fan of detective movies or cop TV shows, you’re no stranger to the ease and speed with which a lock can be picked. In fact, according to these movies and TV shows you only need a simple paper clip to unlock a door within seconds.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. You’ll be surprised to learn that even the low-security locks can take up to 15 seconds to unlock. And that’s only possible if a professional is picking the lock. For an inexperienced person, picking the lock can take a very long time.

 Electronic Locks Don’t Work During Power Failure

Most homeowners are discouraged from buying electronic locks due to the fear that their locks won’t be functional during power outages. However, none of that’s true!

Each electronic lock comes with a built-in battery. So the minute your lights go out, you can type in the access code and open the door. In fact, these built-in batteries are supposed to last for two years!

All Locks Are Similar

Usually, homeowners believe that all door locks are more or less the same. So it doesn’t really matter whether you get a deadbolt or a doorknob lock for your front door. However, this isn’t true.

In fact, every door lock is different in terms of the security and protection that it provides to your home. While a doorknob lock alone will keep your home safe from intruders, a deadbolt lock with a doorknob lock will help increase the level of security you get.

Similarly, it’s also crucial to keep door lock designs in mind. Double cylinder door locks provide higher security than single cylinder door locks.

Manual Locks Are Safer Than Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are usually considered unreliable and unsafe as opposed to manual locks. The argument that’s commonly put forward is that the former can be easily hacked by an intruder. Or worse, the access code can be easily guessed by suspicious individuals noticing your fingerprints.

However, that’s a myth. Electronic locks usually require multiple methods of authentication, such as biometric passcodes, PINs and manual keys.

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