Fixing a Broken Lock – Common Ways a Door Lock Gets Broken

When was the last time you accidentally locked yourself out of your house or dorm room? Did the thought make you scramble for your pocket/purse in a bid to check for the telltale signs of the clinking metal keys?

Unfortunately, more people lock themselves out of their homes or office buildings than we’d care to admit. They end up breaking their door locks after a forced entry or unlocking, causing damage to a perfectly functional lock.

That’s just one scenario.

Imagine getting home and realizing that—yikes—your door lock isn’t working, is jammed, or is glitching!

Following are some common ways a door lock is broken and how they can have it fixed:

Key Is Turning but the Lock Bolt Doesn’t Operate

The issue lies with the lock’s mechanism if this happens. Often the lock doesn’t operate (even when the key is turning) because of worn or missing parts within the mechanism.

You will have to remove and examine the lock closely, finding the issue and solving it. Many homeowners prefer to replace the entire lock instead of having it fixed.

Lock Malfunction Caused By Weather Stripping

What is weather stripping? A process used to seal openings (doors, windows) from the elements. If done correctly, weather stripping is an essential process of preventing air drafts from entering or leaving a room.

Door locks can also get misaligned due to weather stripping. This prevents a door lock from functioning properly!

What to do? Besides moving the lock (done by an expert locksmith), you can try removing the weather stripping and place it further back on the door’s frame.

Frozen Lock Prevents From Turning the Key

Your door lock can also become frozen in very cold temperatures. This possibility is more highly likely especially when you can’t figure out another issue.

The only way to fix a frozen door lock is by thawing the mechanism. This is done by inserting a heated key into it! You can perform this procedure yourself by warming the lock’s key on top of the radiator (or placing in a hot water bowl), drying it thoroughly and inserting slowly in the lock.

This is risky work.  Let the experts handle it. AA Locksmith handles all curious cases of broken door locks! We specialize in residential, commercial as well as auto locksmith services in Georgia. Call us today!

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