Emergency Steps To Take Right After A Burglary

If you ask a burglary victim about the consequences of a break-in on their property, they’ll tell you that a robbery doesn’t only cause financial loss. The mental and psychological distress it results in is much more harmful. It can violate a person’s sense of well-being and make them feel vulnerable and unsafe in their own homes. That has got to be one of the scariest feelings ever.

According to an FBI crime report, United States saw a total of 7,694,086 property crimes in 2017. This means 7,694,086 families had their sense of safety and security stripped away by strangers.

If you ever fall prey to this misfortunate event, here are a few steps that need to be taken right after.

Call the Authorities

The first step to take after a burglary is to leave your house immediately and call the police. You’re going to need their help to catch the culprit and they’re going to need the evidence. By leaving the crime scene you’re making sure the evidence stays intact.

If you weren’t inside your house at the time of the robbery, then stay outside and wait for the police to arrive. There might still be a possibility that the burglar is inside your house and can cause you harm.

Make a List of Stolen Items

After a thorough survey of your house is conducted by the authorities, it’ll be pronounced clear for you to enter. Now the next step is to gather information for a police report.

Look through your belongings and try identifying any and all missing items. Describe some unique things about the stolen pieces and include as much detail about them as possible.

Take photographs and obtain video footage of the incident if you can. It’ll make your police report more robust and make the insurance claim easier.

Call A Locksmith Service For Repairs

If you’ve had a burglary, chances are that the robber gained access to your house by breaking a door or a window lock. They could’ve also broken-in using a spare key or through an entrance with an already broken lock.

Have a professional locksmith service come in to repair or replace the locks to all the entrances in your house. They’ll have all the right equipment and specialized knowledge to make your house safe for you once again!

Upgrade Home Security

Once you’ve taken care of all the immediate requirements, the next step is to upgrade the over-all security system of your house. Consider installing deadbolts, motion-detecting lights, security cameras, access code entry system and more to prevent your house from falling prey to a robbery ever again.

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