Caution! 4 Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

Burglaries and break-ins are one of the most commonly reported crimes in the United States of America. According to the statistical data from 2017, the burglary rate in Georgia is 530.9 per 100,000 inhabitants. However, this rate is significantly low compared to 1996, when residential crimes were on the rise. A considerable amount of credit goes to security personnel and authorities. But the credit also goes to deadbolts and other security measures taken by the homeowners to protect their properties.

Homeowners are always looking for the latest security tools for their property. However, protecting your valuables and loved ones doesn’t mean you have to turn your house into a Fort Knox. It can be done by following a few simple steps.

Have a look at these important tips to avoid intruders.

Don’t Forget to Lock your Windows:

Installing reliable locks for your door are a no-brainer. But that might not be enough. Did you know that 23% of break-ins occur from first-floor windows?

Windows are often neglected and left unlocked. This makes your property an easy target for burglars and intruders. Install window locks for an additional layer of security. Always lock doors and windows before leaving your house.

Avoid Leaving a Spare Key:

We’re all scared of getting locked out of our house due to one simple mistake: forgetting the key inside the house. Therefore, leaving a spare key under the doormat seems like the perfect solution to avoid lockouts. But have you ever thought what can possibly happen if the key lands in the wrong hands?

A spare key provides an open invitation to criminals to break into your house. It’s better to give the key to a trusted neighbor or friend. You can always call a locksmith for emergency lockout situations.

Maintain your Landscape:

An unkempt landscape with overgrown grass and dull plants shows that there’s no one to take care of your property. This increases the risk of potential threats.

Mow your lawn regularly and keep your front yard clean to portray the image of a responsible homeowner. This will decrease the chances of overgrown shrubs becoming hiding spots for a burglar.

Update your Locks Regularly:

Another important step that is often delayed by homeowners is upgrading their security system, most importantly, the door locks. After some time, locks become prone to wear and tear making it easier for intruders to break them.


Upgrading your locks or rekeying them will ensure maximum security making it difficult for criminals to pick them.

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