5 Door Lock Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Minor door lock problems may seem inconsequential but they can put a huge dent in your home and office security. With more than 7.6 million reported cases of property theft in the United States, here are 5 door lock problems, negligible as they may seem, should not be ignored:

Key stuck in Lock

A broken key stuck in your door lock is one of the most frustrating door lock problems. Not only do you have to get a new key made but you most probably will have to replace the lock as well. You can try and pluck the key out with the help of a needle or a pair of tweezers. This, however, doesn’t usually work so it’s smart to contact a locksmith immediately after the key breaks down to save you the time and trouble.

Misaligned Locks

Sometimes it so happens that the lock latch on your door and the lock plate are not in line with each other. This hinders the door lock to turn in all the way and that’s why you can’t hear the familiar ‘click’. You may unscrew the lock from the door surface and try and align it with the latch but its better off done professionally to ensure no further problems.

Loose Locks

Another door lock problem that usually goes unnoticed; loose locks can be a burglar’s Christmas. Door locks go loose because like all mechanical devices, they become rusty with age. Another reason could be loose screws. You can employ a screwdriver to tighten loose bolts.

Broken Locks

There’re a few signs that indicate that your door lock is broken, or at least part of it is. The door is stuck and won’t unlock, it takes effort to unlock the door or the locking and unlocking process altogether is slowed down. All of these could mean a broken lock which can be caused by damage and disengagement of the parts inside it. Try replacing broken parts and seek professional help, immediately.

Jammed Locks

This is perhaps the most common door lock problem. A jammed door lock is a sign of erosion. It can be caused due to deadbolt misalignment or rust. Spray graphite on the lock to grease it up and try unlocking it.

While some of these problems can be fixed at home, it’s advised to have them looked at and repaired by a professional so as to avoid future troubles.

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